Plan an Event on Campus

When scheduling an event, it is important to go through the proper steps before contracting your speaker or performance.

When you speak to the performer or agent, arrange a date (or some dates if they are flexible) and a time for your speaker, as well as the room you'd like to use.

Tell your contact that the date and time you picked between the two of you is acceptable; however you need to check that you're not interfering with an event that is already scheduled. Also ask if the performer or speaker has a technical rider, if so have your contact fax or e-mail you a copy. A technical rider is a document stating what the event needs to make their performance work. Do not sign a contract at this point. You do not know if the room you want is available, or if the event you are wanting to bring in can work technically.

Some good wording for your contact may be:

  • "Pencil me in and let's connect in the next few days. I need to determine if we have the space to do your show and to have our tech people glance at your technical rider. "
  • "This sound great, just let me check on facilities and technical requirements. I can get back with you in a day or two."

Next, contact the Forum office. Do you have a specific date(s) in mind? If you do, check to see if that date is available. Be sure explain what type of an event you are bringing to campus. They may have an ideal room in mind if you haven't picked one out yourself.

If the date and place you want are available, ask the Forum office to book you into that time/date/space. They will then create an RES form that will be e-mailed to you and the proper parties (for example: Campus Security to unlock doors, Event Services if you have food requests, and the Events Technical Director if there are special technical needs).

The last step before booking an event is getting technical requirements approved. If you are bringing in a speaker or performance, they are likely to have technical needs. Examples may be something as simple as: microphone, projector, screen, computer connection, etc.

They also may need certain types of instruments or props that may need to be located campus. Please contact the Event Technical Director on campus so that your rider can be reviewed and approved. The ETS Director may ask for your contact to go over specifics.

After you have the room reserved and the technical aspects of the contract approved, you can confirm everything with your contact and a contract issued.

Contracts may be sent directly to you. However, all contracts must be signed by the Vice President of Business Services.

Download a quick step by step guide and check list for planning an event here.