Commuter Student Services

Buena Vista University's Commuter Student Services program enhances the overall student experience both in and out of the classroom for all commuter students. We provide commuter students the opportunity to get involved in the BVU community, which fosters a sense of pride and success.

Commuter Lockers
Commuter students have access to a locker, in which they can store their belongings, at the following locations on campus:  Siebens Forum, Dixon-Eilers, Smith Hall and Lage.  Students can request a locker in an area most convenient for them and pick up the key in the Office for Student Success. Locker keys must be turned in at the end of the academic year or when the student no longer requires the use of a locker. Students will be charged $25 per key that is not returned to the Office for Student Affairs.

Commuter Student Criteria:
In order to be a commuter student at Buena Vista University a student must meet one of these criteria:

  • Legally married
  • Living with parents or legal guardians
  • Enrolled for fewer than twelve semester credit hours
  • Completed eight previous semesters at BVU
  • Are 23 years of age at the time of fall registration
  • Served in the military service and are receiving GI benefits
  • Have legal dependents

Contact Phone Numbers

  • Athletics/Fieldhouse  749.2253
  • Business Office  749.2041
  • Campus Security  749.2500
  • Counseling Services  749.2123
  • Financial Assistance  749.2164
  • Health Services  749.1238
  • Information Desk  749.2400
  • Recreation Services  749.1454
  • Registrar's Office  749.2233
  • Student Success 749.2123