Spring 2015 Change of Grade Contract Application

Note: Students may apply for a "Change of Grade" Contract for ACES if they have attended a minimum of 6 events, with the proper distribution, in the current semester.  The student will receive a failing grade (F) for the current semester and then will be changed to a passing grade (P) when the requirements of the "Change of Grade" Contract have been successfully completed. "Change of Grade" contracts must be completed during the semester immediately following the semester in which one is filed. Failure to complete the "Change of Grade" contract as required will result in a permanent F as appropriate.

Complete this form to request a Grade Change Contract for ACES during the Fall 2015 semester.

Please contact Peter Steinfeld (email or by phone 2205) if you have any questions about this form or your ACES credit.

DUE: This application must be completed by May 21, 2015


  1. Grade Change Contract applications require a student have a minimum of 6 events completed, with the proper distribution.
  2. A Grade Change Contract for the Spring 2015 semester MUST be completed during the Fall 2015 semester. 
  3. Grade Change Contracts can be fulfilled only AFTER the necessary Fall 2015 semester ACES requirements are met.  (i.e. The first 8 events of the Fall go towards Fall distribution and requirement.  Events above and beyond 8 will be applied toward this Grade Change Contract application.)
  4. BEFORE completing this form request a copy of your ACES report and use this information to answer questions below, then return to this form.

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Grade Change Policy Acknowledgement

By clicking the submit button below, you are acknowledging that you understand that this Spring 2015 Grade Change Contract MUST be completed during the Fall 2015 semester AND will only be credited AFTER any necessary Fall 2015 semester ACES requirements are met.