ACES "Banking" Petition

Students who have completed all ACES requirements in the Fall 2014 semester (2 cultural, 3 scholarly, 1 student life, 2 electives) may “bank” up to two additional ACES events for the Spring 2015 semester.  These “banked” ACES events may only count as elective ACES events.  Students wishing to “bank” ACES must file a petition with the Associate Dean of the Faculty prior to December 1, 2014.  It is the student’s responsibility to file this petition and in no instance will late or incomplete petitions be accepted. 

BEFORE completing this form request a copy of your ACES report and use this information to answer questions below, then return to this form

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By clicking the 'save' button below, you are acknowledging that you understand that this Fall 2014 Petition to "bank" ACES for Spring 2015 semester. "Banked" ACES will only be credited AFTER all necessary Spring 2015 semester ACES requirements are met.