Buena Vista University has adapted Cisco 8941, 6921, and 8961 models for use across campus and all GPS sites.

Features of this phone include IP audio/video communication, customized voice mail, multiple ring tones, and multilingual support. These phones are built from recycled plastics and support a deep-sleep cycle.


Your phone comes with several features.

All Cisco 8941 phones come with a video camera located at the top of the screen. This allows for video phone calls and conferencing between several people. Note that these phones include a privacy feature enabling the user to control whether the camera is used. Additionally, you have a directory in your phone which can search for and dial contacts. This phone also uses IP Telephony, which unites BVU locations all across Iowa under one system. It also reduces telephone costs. 

We encourage you to experiment with your phones. If you need assistance, refer back to this page. 

Place a Call

To place a call, simply pick up the phone’s receiver and dial your extension of choice. If you are making a call outside of BVU’s network, make sure to add a 6 to the front of the number you’d like to call (i.e. 6-1-800-555-5555.) Remember that you are responsible for paying all calls outside of BVU’s network and all local numbers. 

If you’d like to use the headset or speakerphone, look for the following icons. They will glow a light green when pressed.

  • headset
  • speakerphone

To hang up, simply put down the phone’s receiver. If you are using a headset or speakerphone, please press their respective button to stop the call. They will go back to a white color when no longer in use. 


If you have a voicemail message, you will see a red alert on your phone’s screen. You can check your voicemail by pressing the voicemail button and following the directions of the automated voice. 


You can also listen to your voicemail messages by looking for a message in Outlook. It will have an attached file that you can open to listen to. Once you have read this message, voice mail will mark this message as read, and you should no longer have the red icon on your video display (assuming you didn’t have any other messages.)

Additionally, you may log onto to check your messages online.


Phone Guides






Jabber is an instant messaging and collaboration service provided by Cisco. This program allows for audio/video communications, web conferencing, and desktop sharing on your computer. It is a free program available for download at your convenience. This program is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iPad devices.