Tracy Abbas

Tracy Abbas SL'85


Vice President/Trust Officer
Bankers Trust Company

Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson SL'03

Director of Corporate Communications
Minnesota Vikings
Bloomington, Minn.

Janell Anderson

Janell (Tigges) Anderson SL'94 (Jamie)

Senior Vice President, Domestic Operations
NEI Global Relocation
Blair, Neb.
Term Expires: 2015

Shane Arp

Shane Arp SL'99 (Carrie)

Junior High Principal/Athletic Director
Guthrie Center Schools
Term Expires: 2015

Greg Bell

Greg Bell SL'01 (Audrey SL'02)

Vice President, Servicing Sales Operations
Investor Operations and Performance Analytics
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Polk City
Term Expires: 2016

Michael Bierman

Michael Bierman SL'05 (Jodi SL'05)

Software Development Manager
Lutz and Company
Omaha, Neb.
Term Expires: 2014

Tim Book

Tim Book SL'89 (Michelle)


Specialty Fertilizer Products
Kansas City, Mo.
Term Expires: 2014

Kathi Buckingham

Kathi (Beving) Buckingham SL'75 (Al SL'74)

Begindergarten Teacher
East Early Childhood Center
Storm Lake
Term Expires: 2014

Teri Cain

Teri (Sacco) Cain SL'93 (Chris SL'94)

Director of Competitive Intelligence
First Data Corporation
Omaha, Neb.
Term Expires: 2014

Greg Dardis

Greg Dardis SL'98 (Tonya)

DCI - Dardis Communications, Inc.
Iowa City
Term Expires: 2014

Rick Dawson

Rick Dawson SL'81 (Jennie SL'81)

Associate Provost
DMACC, West Campus
Term Expires: 2015

Darci Dorfler

Darci (Plantz) Dorfler SL'90 (John SL'90)

Manager, HR Planning & Lean
Rockwell Collins
Term Expires: 2016

Trent Grundmeyer

Trent Grundmeyer SL'03 (Angie SL'05)

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
Drake University
Term Expires: 2016

Rod Hartwig

Rod Hartwig SL'85 (Jennifer)

Financial Officer
Farm Credit Services
Term Expires: 2016

Kevin Hoyt

Kevin Hoyt SL'90 (Denise SL'90)

Senior Intranet Architect
Grinnell College
Term Expires: 2014

Michael Jacobson

Michael Jacobson SL'06

Supervising Senior Accountant
Kiesling & Associates
Term Expires: 2016

Scott McNamar

Scott McNamar SL'88

Administrative Services Specialist
United States Attorney's Office
Term Expires: 2014

Michele Merrill

Michele Merrill SL'92

Health Educator
Omaha Public Schools
Omaha, Neb.
Term Expires: 2016

Julie Meyer

Julie (Eddie) Meyer SL'92 (Terry)

Special Education Consultant
Prairie Lakes AEA
Albert City
Term Expires: 2015

Lindsey Meyer

Lindsey Meyer SL'07

Physical Therapist
Alegent Creighton Health
Omaha, Neb.
Term Expires: 2016

Zac Miller

Zac Miller SL'95 (Michele SL'95)

Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing
Atomic Learning
Little Falls, Minn.
Term Expires: 2016

Kit Munden

Kit (Rasmussen) Munden SL'81 (Marvin)

Physical Therapist
Sports Rehab and Professional Therapy Associates
Storm Lake
Term Expires: 2015

Dana Nelson

Dana (Mace) Nelson SL'01 (James)

Active Health Chiropractic Clinic
North Liberty
Term Expires: 2014

Libby Rau

Libby Rau SL'02

Director of Youth Engagement
Minneapolis, Minn.
Term Expires: 2016

Julie Schneider

Julie (Jorgensen) Schneider SL'91 (Nathan)

Performance Systems Manger
Iowa Donor Network
Mankato, Minn.
Term Expires: 2014

Dan Schonlau

Dan Schonlau SL'96

Chief Financial Officer
Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center & Nebraska Heart Hospital
Lincoln, Neb.
Term Expires: 2014

Lori SchraderBachar

Lori SchraderBachar SL'94 (Steve)

Iowa Professional Licensing Bureau
Term Expires: 2014

Natalie Stark

Natalie Stark SL'97

Educational Coaching/KQWC Radio
Webster City
Term Expires: 2014

Eric Tammes

Eric Tammes SL'91

Assistant Vice President of Student Communication and Marketing
Roosevelt University
Chicago, Ill.
Term Expires: 2016

BVU Staff

Amy Jones

Amy Jones SL'96 (Dan SL'95)

Director of Annual Fund & Alumni Relations
610 W. 4th Street
Storm Lake, IA 50588

Kristie Spotts

Kristie Spotts

Alumni Networking Coordinator
610 W. 4th Street
Storm Lake, IA 50588