Omar Alcorta

  • Admissions Counselor

Omar is a 2021 graduate of Buena Vista University, with a double major in digital media and Spanish. He also worked as an Academic Assistant for both his major fields of study, and even helped engage students in entry-level Spanish courses through the program’s conversation lab. Throughout his time as a student, Omar worked hard to help those around him.

"At BVU, not only did I learn about my passion for radio and other digital mediums, but I learned that I have a passion for helping Spanish speakers navigate the college experience,” says Omar. “After applying to BVU, I translated the tour, FAFSA, and other aspects of my college experience to English for my parents.”

As a recipient of the Multicultural Scholarship and the Fine Arts Scholarship, Omar quickly engaged in the different student organizations in the University's Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Not only did these scholarships ease the burden of paying for his education, but they also ignited a passion for helping others with language barriers during the entire college experience. 

As an Admissions Counselor, Omar is excited to continue assisting students of all backgrounds and guide them as they begin their BVU journey. By engaging in conversations with prospective students and their families, he hopes to make everyone feel at home as soon as they arrive on campus. 

In his free time, you can find Omar broadcasting live from BVU’s radio station, KBVU The Edge 97.5, editing a podcast, or playing his guitar. 

Omar Alcorta