Marque Edwards

  • Admissions Counselor

Not long after his graduation from Buena Vista University, Marque Edwards shared a statement of praise for his classmates.

“The BVU Class of 2019 all had a hand in each other’s learning and college experience,” Edwards says. “It was a very close-knit group, a class that had an impact on several areas across the campus. I was fortunate to be a part of it.”

Edwards, an admissions counselor, is now working to help future Beavers become part of the next great BVU class. The Iowa City native works primarily with high school seniors and juniors in Central Iowa and points south into Missouri.

“I like to tell students how easy it is to get involved in activities at BVU,” Edwards says. “That’s how it was for me.”

Edwards graduated from City High in Iowa City in 2015 and headed to BVU to study business and play football. He lined up at the defensive tackle position for four years at J. Leslie Rollins Stadium. He smiles when thinking of an overtime victory over Central at home, one of his top collegiate football highlights.

He was also a member of the Black Student Union on campus.

In the classroom, Edwards focused on marketing and sports management and completed two internships in the events department serving Siebens Forum. Edwards watched as the state-of-the-art underground facility underwent a $15.1-million upgrade, formally opening in January 2019, during one of Edwards’ internship experiences. He now leads prospective students on tours of the new-and-improved space.

“I came to Buena Vista University to play football and earn a business degree,” he says. “I accomplished both of those tasks, but I ended up getting so much more out of the experience. It is great to be able to communicate that with students who are trying to chart their course.”

Marque Edwards