Lisa Dano

Admissions Counselor


Lisa Dano attended Hiram College in Ohio. She played soccer for four years; she traveled to Spain while studying Spanish.

“I wanted to play soccer and get the experience of being at a school where the coaches and professors knew you,” says Dano, an admissions counselor at Buena Vista University. “It makes me nostalgic for my school experience every day I’m on the BVU campus.”

Dano, a native of Naperville, Ill., moved to Oakland, Cal., following her graduation from Hiram in 2018. She worked for the Oakland Athletics baseball organization in group sales, season ticket sales, and more as part of The CORE program serving the A’s.

“I got to experience marketing, corporate partnerships, community strategies and more,” says Dano, who studied management as an undergraduate. “I worked 14-hour days during the season and enjoyed the experience, but I wanted something more meaningful, like working with students to help them achieve their goals.”

Dano finds it at BVU where her fiancé, Ross Minick, serves as head men’s soccer coach. Dano enjoys detailing all she can about BVU’s academic and extracurricular programs while following the soccer programs closely.

“I know what it’s like to attend an NCAA Division III university,” she says. “At BVU, students have time for sports, activities, and academics. I’m excited to communicate and help students realize they can have it all.”

Lisa Dano