Education for Service

Ten full-tuition scholarships exclusively for BV County high school students.


Annual Awards: 10 Full-Tuition, Four-Year Scholarships

In return, award-winning students will serve as Iowa College AmeriCorps volunteers in Buena Vista County communities to build on valuable personal, leadership, and professional skills. Up to six scholarships are designated for students who attend the Storm Lake or St. Mary's High Schools, and up to four scholarships will be for students who attend Sioux Central, Newell-Fonda, or Alta-Aurelia High Schools.

Students in front of Victory Bell

About the Program

  • Join a cohort of students to complete up to five hours of purposeful community service activities per week
  • Attend enriching service-oriented retreats to broaden the meaning of service
  • Participate in success coaching
  • Choose from hands-on service opportunities, capacity building, and research on and off campus
Two students perform service

Finding Success in Serving

Buena Vista University's Education for Service Scholars broke new ground in the recently completed academic year. The students, all freshmen from Buena Vista County, represent the first member of their immediate families to attend college.

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Eligibility Requirements
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An Affordable Opportunity

State and federal financial aid may be used to pay for room and board. Students will gain additional personal, leadership, and professional skills in decision-making, goal-setting, communication, and much more. To apply, all components of the BVU application for admission, FAFSA, and the Education for Service Full-Tuition Scholarship Application must be completed. The application deadline is March 1, 2020.