International Students

Academic Achievement Scholarships For 2018-19

Awarded based on academic records and/or English proficiency test scores. Renewable with the BVU CGPA indicated.

President’s Scholarship

2.5 CGPA to renew 

Heritage Scholarship

2.5 CGPA to renew 

Arch Scholarship

2.5 CGPA to renew

Blue Award

2.0 CGPA to renew

Gold Award

2.0 CGPA to renew 

On-Campus Employment

The student employment program is designed to meet students’ need for financial aid while providing an opportunity to develop excellent work habits and job skills.  Students can receive up to $1,000 per academic year by working in a variety of different offices/departments on campus.

Are you looking for resources to finance your education? You might want to review the information available at the following sites:

Consumer Information

Our Consumer Information page is designed to provide students and staff with a wide range of information available through a variety of resources on campus. BVU Consumer Information...