Exploratory Program

Not sure exactly what you want to study? It’s time to explore! BVU’s unique exploratory program gives students the chance to discover their true interests and passions before choosing a major or career path.


Find your passion

The exploratory program was specially designed for students who are considering different majors, have several different interests, or who are unsure about which major to pursue. Once students learn their key strengths, BVU’s exploratory program allows them to narrow their focus to a specific area of study.

"I knew I couldn't decide exactly what I wanted to study, because I had a plethora of interests. I could see myself studying multiple things, so I got to take a wide variety of classes and not worry about what would fit in my schedule and while I looked deeper into my interests."

Mel Graff, BVU student


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You’re Not Alone

Let BVU’s Career and Personal Development help you

From day one, exploratory students are connected with staff at BVU’s Career and Personal Development office. There, students are given a guide to help them explore potential paths in business, education, science, humanities, social sciences, communications, and fine arts. Each exploratory path includes a variety of general education classes so students stay on track to graduate within four years.


Determine Your Future

See which BVU major sparks your interest 

BVU exploratory students complete an interactive career inventory and other assessments to determine their key strengths and interests–all with the help of BVU’s Career and Personal Development staff. These assessments help students determine and examine their skills, values, personality, leisure activities, and work interests so that they can learn more about which BVU majors align most with their career aspirations. Additionally, one-on-one faculty advising from faculty members who are committed to guiding exploratory students provides an extra layer of guidance and assistance. 

"My advice for anyone at BVU would be to not be afraid to come in with an undeclared major, or even to change your major at any point. The point of college is to explore and learn more about yourself. It isn’t the end of the world if you don’t know exactly what you want to do with your life yet, because you will figure it out along the way."

Haylie Book