Chemists are the driving force behind advancing technology. At BVU, there are two tracks available in chemistry professional and liberal arts allowing students to customize their career path or continue on to graduate or professional school.


A Foundation in Research

Students who graduate with this major can pursue careers in:

  • Healthcare
  • Ethanol industry
  • Semi-conductor industry
  • Academia
  • Food and pharmaceutical industries

BVU’s chemistry program gives students a solid base in the foundational areas of general, organic, and physical chemistry that allows them to springboard into an area of focus that appeals to them. Each student completes an undergraduate research project alongside faculty that culminates into a presentation and research paper. Many students also land internships in large research labs or clinical settings.





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State of the Art Facility

The Estelle Siebens Science Center

The Estelle Siebens Science Center is a state-of-the-art facility where students can learn through intimate, dynamic classes and experience chemistry firsthand. The department’s equipment includes a recently acquired nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer and gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS) as well as a high quality FT-IR. Because of the size and scope of the program, institution, students have easy access to use this equipment and can learn how to apply techniques to real-world problems.


Chemistry in Action

Immerse yourself in the community

The Chemistry in Action club (CIA) is dedicated to increasing scientific literacy and excitement in the local schools by involving students in hands-on learning experiences.


  •  University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine
  •  Montana State University
  •  Mayo Clinic
  •  Buena Vista Regional Medical Center
  •  Walgreen’s Pharmacy


  •  CVS, Pharmacist
  •  Mangold Labs, Lab Technician


  •  University of Iowa College of Pharmacy
  •  Creighton School of Pharmacy
Major in Chemistry (55 Credit Hours)
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Major in Chemistry - Liberal Arts (42 Credit Hours)
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Major in Chemistry with Teaching Licensure (5-12) (30 Credit Hours)
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Minor in Chemistry with Teaching Licensure (5-12) (24 Credit Hours)
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Minor in Chemistry (20 Credit Hours)
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Dr. Melanie Hauser
Associate Professor of Chemistry
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Dr. Lisa Mellmann
Associate Professor of Physical Science
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