Jeremy Lawson

  • Instructor of Developmental Mathematics

B.S., Marshall University; M.S., The University of Tennessee

Jeremy Lawson joined the mathematics faculty in August 2019. Prior to his arrival at Buena Vista University, he spent seven years as a developmental math instructor at the Art Institutes International of Minnesota in Minneapolis, three years as a mathematics instructor at Duval Middle School in Lincoln County, West Virginia; two years in youth development; and one year with an environmental consulting firm in Minneapolis.

Jeremy’s teaching philosophy is anchored by two fundamental principles. The first is that math should be relaxed, relatable and, above all, enjoyable. The second is that math is best understood by “doing.” Jeremy has taught thousands of students including those from over two dozen countries, from urban, suburban, and rural communities, and has experienced learners with every conceivable learning style and various disabilities. He has yet to encounter a student that could not understand and apply the basic fundamentals of mathematics if they dedicate themselves to try.


Basic Mathematics, Algebra Review

Jeremy Lawson