Mrs. Erica Boettcher

Instructor of Special Education

B.A. in Elementary Education, Buena Vista University; M.A. in Special Education, Morningside University

Mrs. Boettcher started with Buena Vista University in August 2016 as an Instructor of Special Education. She has experience working in the Special Education field for the past 14 years and prior to that 2 years in the General Education department. She has worked in the English Language Learner (ELL) department also. Her experiences have helped me in the areas of transition, middle/high school school, and behaviors.


Special EducationEducational Studies


Introduction to Exceptional Learners, Differentiated Instruction for Diverse Learners, Introduction to Learners with Significant Behavioral Disabilities, Transitions and Self-Determination, Curriculum Development and Instruction with Field Experience, Methods for Teaching Students with Behavioral Disabilities with Field Experience, and Behavior Interventions and Supports with Field Experience.