Collin Byrd

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design & Animation

BFA, The Art Institute of Washington
MFA, The Savannah College of Art and Design

Collin Byrd is a multimedia artist specializing in animation, sequential art and interactive design. Prior to working at BVU, Prof. Byrd was a storyboard artist at Primal Screen in Atlanta, Georgia, and later, an adjunct professor at the Art Institute of Washington, in Rosslyn, Virginia. When not working at BVU, Prof. Byrd is currently working on his own independent media products, primarily the animated Webcomic, Crimson Fly, and using his experiences as an independent media creator to better inform his lessons in the classroom and prepare his students for their careers beyond BVU.


Art Foundations: Digital Design, Illustration and Storyboards, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Graphic Design

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