Dr. Bob Brodman

  • Associate Professor of Biology

B.A. Rutgers University
M.S. University of Michigan
M.S. Eastern Michigan University
Ph.D. Kent State University

Dr. Brodman's research focuses on conservation of amphibian and reptiles, with questions ranging from ecology to animal behavior. He has developed an undergraduate research program centered on ecotoxicology studies investigating the impacts herbicides, habitat restoration, farming practices, and reviewed research articles and book chapters, and over 50 technical reports and editorials, many co-authored with undergraduate students. He has also been honored with several awards for teaching and scholarship.

Dr. Brodman primarily teaches in the areas of ecology, evolution, and zoology including all our wildlife courses. His teaching philosophy is that students of science must know some basic facts and fundamental concepts, but most importantly they need to learn the scientific method, science process skills, and critical thinking skills. He takes a balanced approach with new teaching ideas and traditional methods that work in the classroom, and infuses research projects, field studies, and open ended labs into his courses so that students will have hands-on experiences to develop such skills. Outside of his professional work, Dr. Brodman enjoys sports, science fiction, photography, and anything to do with animals. 


Biological Principles I; Ecology; Evolution; Zoology; Mammalogy; Ornithology; Herpetology; Island Ecology; Research Experience in Biology, Senior Capstone; Global Fellows – US Virgin Islands Travel Prep, The Biology of Bats, The Biology of Birds, Introduction to Evolution