Dr. Benjamin Maas

  • Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Geology

B.S. in Geology and in Geophysics, University of Minnesota, M.S., Hydrogeology, and Ph.D. Louisiana State University

Dr. Maas joined the faculty at BVU in 2014 and teaches courses in environmental science. Past research efforts focused on spring and stream water chemistry, with published peer-review articles and conference presentations on the topic. Dr. Maas’ current research focuses on water quality and hydrology in Storm Lake and the City of Storm Lake. Projects have focused on gaining a better understanding of the amount of sediment entering Storm Lake, the ability of rain gardens to reduce sediment loads, and the water quality of local streams and Storm Lake. While completing these projects Dr. Maas works with students in the field and in the laboratory. Working on these projects has resulted in collaboration opportunities with the Iowa DNR, consulting companies, the City of Storm Lake, the University of Iowa.


Introduction to Environment, Environmental Science Laboratory, Agriculture and the Environment, Global Climate Change, Conservation Ecology, Introduction to Soil Science, GIS, Hydrology, Water Treatment and Laboratory Methods, Physical Geology, Historical Geology, and Oceanography.

Ben Maas