Our Culture Our Stories

May 20- May 25, 2013

The exhibition in the art gallery celebrates the community’s stories uncovered by BVU students and Storm Lake sixth graders through the Our Culture: Our Stories projects. The gallery includes videos and pictures about diversity, social justice, and the BVU community, showing off all of the great work that has been done by these students this semester. The reception was held from 6-8 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22nd in the BVU Art Gallery in the Social Science and Arts Hall on campus.

This is an interdisciplinary civic engagement project involving BVU faculty from the School of Communication & Arts (Jamii Claiborne, Kayleen Grange); School of Education (Julie Finnern); School of Social Science, Philosophy, & Religion (Swasti Bhattacharyya), and the Storm Lake Middle School teachers and students. BVU students & faculty worked with 6th graders to discover/uncover, and identify the stories they want to tell about their culture(s). This material was woven together into a final project that reflects Our Culture (as in the culture of Storm Lake): through the telling of Our Stories (members of this Storm Lake community).

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