Scholars Day

Scholars Day is a time of celebration as Buena Vista University recognizes the intellectual, scholarly, and creative accomplishments of its students.


On Scholars Day, students from across BVU's academic schools proudly present their best presentations, performances, posters and artistic creations. Conducting research and producing hands-on projects like these helps develop skills for professional success, post-graduate studies, and a life of intellectual engagement. These projects also provide an opportunity for visitors and the BVU community to learn about a wide array of intellectual and artistic topics.

The day is an annual event, held every spring on our Storm Lake campus.

Scholars Day Showcase Resources

The Scholars Day Showcase site contains resources for BVU students and faculty. The site is currently being moved to BVU's Sharepoint. Please contact Dr. Tracy Thomas at with questions or to request a Grant Application. 


Group Photos

Each Scholars Day begins with a photo of the academic presenters. See the photos of participants from each year since the first event was held in 2005.

Scholars Day Group Photos