Jan. 23, 2018

For many BVU students, stopping by Common Grounds near the library is part of their everyday routine. They'll wake up early before class to give themselves enough time to grab their favorite caffeinated drink and a fresh blueberry muffin, or drop by for a quick pick-me-up between studying and meetings. Many of the treats they purchase are seen on advertisements and storefronts all around the globe, as Common Grounds is stocked with numerous Starbucks staples. From the seasonal and favorite espresso drink flavors and Tazo teas, all the way to the gum, BVU is providing students with the same beverages and goodies that can be found in more than 24,000 stores worldwide.

New students and visitors are often pleasantly surprised that the signature logo on their cups comes with the same gratifying, rich flavors they're accustomed to, says Jackie Cassaro, the Common Grounds manager. And yes, this even holds true for seasonal lattes and their most recent addition: cold brew coffee! It was recently reported that Starbucks has around 300 stores located on college campuses in the U.S.

“Common Grounds is the perfect place to take a break and prepare for whatever's up next.”

Jackie Cassaro

“It's so convenient because in addition to our made-to-order drinks, we also have sandwiches, salads, energy bars, smoothies, and coolers stocked with bottled beverages outside of Starbucks products. It's like being at home for students because they can choose what they want and when because we are open until late in the evening during the week, and even later during finals,” says Cassaro. She knows most of her customers by name when they come in to order “their regular” or grab lunch to go.

Cassaro describes the hot spot as a fast-paced, social space that is run by student workers that she oversees. In Fall 2016, the coffee shop added a F'real machine providing students with authentic milkshakes, smoothies, and frozen cappuccino blended drinks. Pina colada or a cookies n' cream milkshake, anyone? Many students grab a Starbucks coffee before an exam to give them an extra kick of energy, or reward themselves with a sweet treat afterwards. “I really enjoy hearing about everyone's weekends and how busy the students are, and Common Grounds is the perfect place to take a break and prepare for whatever's up next.”