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While history is technically defined as the study of the past, it is also, arguably, the lens through which we understand modern behavior, societal trends, and how the beliefs and morays of yesterday transform into the morality and laws of today. Buena Vista University Graduate & Professional Studies' history major provides an in-depth look at American, European, and World history.  Businesses today value people with this breadth of knowledge and understanding, which makes history majors highly versatile in a world that requires adaptability. 

Employment opportunities include:

Courses of study

Major in History: 30 credit hours

AREA 1: Students must take 12 credit hours at the 100-level in a minimum of 3 fields

U.S. history field

HIST 101 History of the United States to 1877
HIST 102 History of the United States after 1877

World history field

HIST 111 World Civilizations I
HIST 112 World Civilizations II

European history field

HIST 121 The Emergence of Western Civilization
HIST 122 The Revolutions of Western Civilizations

Asian history field

HIST 125 Asian Civilizations

AREA 2: 9 credit hours HIST 300 level or above

AREA 3: 6 credit hours HIST electives

HIST 481 The Historian’s Craft (World) or HIST 482 The Historian’s Craft (US)

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