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Technology Management: Distributive Major

You have gained all the technical skills your profession requires, and you're interested in moving into a management role in your career. If you already have certain AS or AAS degrees (see which ones), you are closer to your goal than you think. A bachelor's degree in technology management broadens your skill set to include aspects of communications, management, marketing, psychology, technology, and features of institutions and society. You may be able to substitute some classes to meet your future career goals and areas of interest.

Employment opportunities include:

Courses of study

42 Credit Hours

Communication and Behavior:
COMM 100 Fundamentals of Communication
COMM 230 Business and Professional Communication
COMM 302 Intercultural Communication
COMM 330 Messages, Meaning and Society
COMM 355 Conflict Management
COMM 370 Leadership Communication
COMM 374 Interviewing
DIGI 230 Introduction to Integrated Communication
ENGL 300 Advanced Composition
MRKT 355 Consumer Behavior
PSYC 329 Psychology of Gender
Up to 6 credit hours of other related upper-division courses

FNBK 306 Managerial Finance
FNBK 322 Analysis of Financial Statements
FNBK 356 Financial Planning
FNBK 405 International Finance
MGMT 206 Management Science
MGMT 306 Principles of Management
MGMT 307 International Business
MGMT 315 Business Law I
MGMT 316 Business Law II
MGMT 320 Human Resource Management
MGMT 375 Entrepreneurship/Small Business
MGMT 492 Business Policy and Strategy
MGMT 495 Internship
MRKT 306 Principles of Marketing
MRKT 407 International Marketing
Up to 6 credit hours of upper division electives from these and related fields such as ag management and marketing


CMSC 181 Computer Science I (and above)
MATH 143 Discrete Mathematics
MIS 300 Introduction to Management Information Systems (and above)

Institutions and Society:

ART 304 Modern to Contemporary Art History
ENGL 250 American Literature
ENVS 100 The Biological Environment
ENVS 101 The Physical Environment
ENVS 201 Conservation Ecology
ENVS 310 Environmental Chemistry
HIST 311 Problems in World History: The Vietnam War
HIST 358 Women Around the World
HIST 390 America and the World Wars
HIST 397 Recent American History
PSCN 315 International Relations
PSCN 465 Civil Liberties
PSPA 320 State and Local Politics
PSPA 360 Introduction to Public Affairs
PSYC 364 Industrial Psychology
PHIL/RELI 336 Professional Ethics
SCWK 255 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
SCWK 351 Aging in American Society
SOCI 302 Sociology of Deviant Behavior
SOCI 361 Racism and Sexism in American Life
THEA 411 Dramatic Literature
Up to 6 credit hours of other related upper-division courses

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