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Post-Baccaulaureate Certification Program

This program is specifically designed for those who have a bachelor's degree in a subject area relevant to secondary education. It operates within the university's current programming structure and is designed to move the candidate efficiently and effectively through core areas of pedagogy before they enter the classroom. Some adult learning and professional studies classes are taught online as well as in the classroom. 

Courses of study

To complete a secondary certification program:

• Complete the education core
• Reading strategies for secondary teachers to be taken prior to or concurrent with the methods courses. (Not required for secondary language arts major).
• Complete a 2 credit hour generic methods course and a 1 credit hour methods course specific to the content area, except for special education where the 2 credit hour and 1 credit hour methods courses from the special  education program will be used
• Complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of coursework through Buena Vista University before student teaching. This requirement is for any who have completed some of the education core prior to admission to this program. Nine of the 12 credit hours must be at the 300 level.
• Student teach for one 14 week placement or two 7 week placements in one secondary setting
• Complete the following requirements for Checkpoint I (modified for this program):
- Professional reference reports
- Confidentiality statement
- Universal precautions workshop
- No more than six credit hours of EDCO at BVU until admitted into the teacher education program
Checkpoint II: Admission to student teaching. The requirements for this checkpoint correspond to those required in Checkpoint III for students who do not have their bachelor’s degree
Checkpoint III: Licensure requirements. The requirements for this Checkpoint correspond to those required in Checkpoint IV for students who do not have their bachelor’s degree

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