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Political scientists are at the heart of finding solutions to some of today's most hotly debated issues - scientific ethics, economic policies, environmental issues, to name a few.  They must have the ability to see beyond party lines and ideologies and to understand the machinations of our complex system of government.  As a political science major you study American politics, political philosophy, public affairs, comparative politics and international politics.  

Employment opportunities include:

Courses of study

Major in Political Science: 40 credit hours

MATH 140 Elementary Applied Statistics
PSCN 110 Introduction to American Government
PSCN 115 Introduction to Politics
PSCN 205 Introduction to Political Philosophy
PSCN 240 Judicial Process or PSCN 245 Introduction to American Law
PSCN 310 Comparative Politics or PSCN 315 International Relations
PSCN 400 Pre-Professional Seminar
PSCN 460 Constitutional Law
PSCN 465 Civil Liberties or PSCN 485 Special Topics in Political Science
PSPA 320 State and Local Politics or PSPA 380 Administrative Agencies
PSPA 360 Introduction to Public Affairs

Option A: 2 courses from:

HIST 320 History of the Middle East
HIST 349 Modern Europe
HIST 360 History of China
HIST 362 History of Japan
HIST 364 History of India
PSCN 495 Political Science Internship
Additional PSCN or PSPA course at the 300 level or higher not previously completed to satisfy a PSCN requirement

Option B:

PSCN 490 Washington Center internship program

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