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Mathematics is essential to business, from the algorithms of financial software to sales projections to statistical analysis. Corporations depend on math and the people who understand it to inform crucial decisions. If you enjoy analytical work, like math, and want to work in business, the mathematics - corporate major is a way to combine your interests with a practical career focus.

Through the mathematics – corporate major, you’ll combine a working knowledge of economic theory with a thorough understanding of the math that supports it. You’ll learn how to assess the threats and opportunities of the marketplace and effectively contribute to your employer’s goals. The major in particular prepares you for sophisticated mathematical applications such as portfolio analyses, hedge fund operations, and actuarial science.

Key Personality Traits:

Courses of study

Major in Mathematics : Corporate : 56-57 credit hours

ACCT 205 Financial Accounting
ACCT 206 Managerial Accounting
ECON 205 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 206 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 301 Microeconomic Theory or ECON 302 Macroeconomic Theory or
any FNBK course with FNBK 306 Managerial Finance as a prerequisite
ECON 340 Econometrics or MATH 330 Applied Regression Analysis
FNBK 306 Managerial Finance
MATH 160 Calculus I: Differential Calculus
MATH 161 Calculus II: Integral Calculus
MATH 240 Foundations of Advanced Mathematics
MATH 260 Calculus III: Intermediate Calculus
MATH 261 Calculus IV: Multivariate Calculus
MATH 322 Linear Algebra
MATH 371 Numerical Analysis
MATH 432 Probability and Mathematical Statistics I
MATH 433 Probability and Mathematical Statistics II** or MATH 140 Elementary Applied
MATH 480 Senior Capstone
MGMT 206 Management Science
**Students interested in actuarial science should elect MATH 433.

Recommended support work:

CMSC 200 Computer Science I
PHYS 211 General Physics I
(Credit in these “recommended” courses may not replace credit in the indicated courses
required for the major.)

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