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You don’t just listen to music, you stream it. You beam it to your car by satellite, shuffle it on your iPod, and maybe even spin it on classic vinyl. To call it just ‘music’ seems limiting: audio today includes remixes, podcasts, and compositions made entirely with – and sometimes even written by – computers. That’s good news if you want to make music your career: you can do on a home computer today what decades ago would have required signing with a major label. It’s never been easier to make quality music and help it find an audience.

As a part of the first program of its kind in the region, the music production and technology minor helps you understand not just how to play music, but how to record it, mix it, and distribute it. The program offers practical instruction on the current generation of professional audio software and allows you plentiful time in the studio to hone your craft. You can use the skills you’ll develop to record your own music and put it on the Internet or help out with productions for businesses and civic organizations of which you are a part.

Key Personality Traits:

Courses of study

Minor In Music Production and Technology: 21 credit hours

MUSC 106 Music Fundamentals I
MUSC 107 Music Fundamentals II
MUSC 110 Studio Production & Technology I
MUSC 115 Studio Production & Technology II
MUSC 188 Class Piano I for Non-Music Majors
MUSIC 189 Class Piano II for Non-Music Majors
MUSC 300 Producing Music with Digital Software
MUSC 350 Understanding the Music Industry
MUSC 400 Producing, Sampling, and MIDI Sequencing

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