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Whether conducting an orchestra, playing in a band, leading a classroom or selecting an iPod playlist, there are many ways in which music forms an important part of life’s rhythms. Studying it in-depth at BVU allows you to hone your talents as part of a supportive community of talented students and professors.

With a music minor, you’ll improve your skills as a performer through private lessons and courses on music theory, music history, and conducting.

Key Personality Traits of Musicians:

Courses of study

Minor In Music Performance: 20 credit hours

MUSC 100-200 Level Private Lessons on Major Instrument or Voice (4 credit hours)
MUSC 111 Music Theory I
MUSC 112 Music Theory II
MUSC 122 Concert Choir or MUSC 127 Concert Band (4 semesters)
MUSC 307 Music History and Literature I
MUSC 308 Music History and Literature II
MUSC 321 Conducting I
MUSC 490 Recital


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