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Some of us volunteer our weekends and evenings to help causes we care about. Social workers spend their careers working full-time for the well-being of others. They work with individuals one-on-one, coordinate support groups, and advocate for the best possible environments to allow people to live safely with ample opportunities for a quality life. Moreover, they see firsthand the differences they encourage in individuals, communities, and government, watching and participating as they help change to develop.

As a social work major, you’ll develop a strong generalist skill set for working with many different people, including the young and old, individuals and families, and clients and legislators. You'll learn how to advocate for causes and gain experience with real-world situations through hands-on, practical research projects and fieldwork in conjunction with many area organizations.  You’ll learn to make a true difference by helping others professionally, conscientiously, intelligently and effectively.

Key Personality Traits of Social Workers:

Courses of study

Major in social Work: 60 credit hours

Required support work:

ECON 205 Principles of Microeconomics
PHIL/SOCI 361 Racism and Sexism in American Life
PSCN 110 Introduction to American Government
PSYC 100 General Psychology
SCWK 100 Modern Social Problems or SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology

3 credit hours from:

BIOL 104 Cancer and Aging
BIOL 106 The Brain
BIOL 107 Human Genetics
BIOL 108 Human Reproduction and Development
BIOL 109 Ecology
BIOL 110 Infectious Diseases

Required courses:

SCWK 200 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
SCWK 211 Field Observation
SCWK 235 Psycho-Social Dimensions of the Human Life Cycle
SCWK 255 Human Behavior and the Social Environment
SCWK 350 Social Welfare Programs and Policies
SCWK 380 Methods of Social Research I
SCWK 381 Methods of Social Research II
SCWK 390 Social Work Practice I
SCWK 410 Social Work Practice II
SCWK 440 Field Instruction
SCWK 441 Field Instruction
SCWK 442 Field Instruction
SCWK 443 Senior Seminar

1 course from:

SCWK 351 Aging in American Society
SCWK 352 Child and Family Welfare

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