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Criminology and Criminal Justice

The debate about how to promote right and punish wrong has been a part of humanity since the first society gathered. Throughout history, individuals and organizations have studied communities and been given authority to develop and enforce the rules that govern them. How should the law adapt to a constantly changing world? And how can you contribute?

Criminology is a science that seeks to understand crime, its causes, effects and its prevention. Criminal justice concerns methods of law enforcement and judicial action. Studying both in combination provides you with a thorough view of theory and the criminal justice system, making you professionally and theoretically prepared to stand up for what’s right. A minor in criminology and criminal justice is particularly useful if you plan on starting a career in a related social service field, such as social work or clinical psychology.

Key Personality Traits:

Courses of study

Minor in criminology and criminal justice: 21 credit hours

CRIM 101 Criminal Justice Systems
CRIM 102 Survey of Criminology
CRIM 220 Introduction to Law Enforcement
CRIM 290 Institutional Corrections or CRIM 291 Community Corrections
CRIM 343 Juvenile Justice Systems
6 additional credit hours in CRIM at the 200 level or higher

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