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Is expression your passion? Do you admire how skillfully creativity can be used to seek truth, depict beauty, conjure fiction, and uncover ugliness? Or are you driven by your own desire to create, to make the next work so unique that we don’t yet have words to describe it?

Studying art formally can help focus and improve skills in your own creative pursuits and show you how to root them in an informed appreciation of the art of others. Whether you are wielding a paintbrush, molding clay, or pointing a camera, an art education will not only help you polish your own talent, but how you to utilize your passion in your career.

Key Personality Traits:

Courses of study

MINOR IN ART: 21 credit hours

ART 201 Art Foundations I
ART 202 Art Foundations II

9 credit hours from:

ART 301 Prehistoric and Medieval Art History
ART 302 European Renaissance to Baroque Art History
ART 303 Romanticism to Modern Art History
ART 304 Modern to Contemporary Art History

6 credit hours from:

ART 310 Painting
ART 320 Sculpture
ART 331 Ceramics: Introduction to Wheel Throwing
or ART 332 Ceramics: Handbuilding and Sculptural Forms
ART 340 Printmaking: Intaglio or ART 341 Printmaking: Lithography
ART 415 Advanced Topics in Two Dimensional Art
ART 425 Advanced Topics in Three Dimensional Art
ART 460 Advanced Drawing
DIGI 101 Media Studio: Photo
DIGI 301 Advanced Digital Photography

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