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A few decades ago, it would have seemed unbelievable that a day would soon come when computers would be installed in everything from new cars to children’s toys, phones would take pictures and send messages by text, and a social network called Facebook would connect one-twelfth the world’s population.  It’s even more impressive to realize that with all we’ve seen, we’re only at the beginning of the age of computers.

Before you can get to the future, however, you have to go back to the beginning: starting with the basic one’s and zero’s of binary code, every function a computer performs is rooted in mathematics. The rigor and curriculum of a computer science / mathematics major is designed to teach you how to trace programming back to its mathematical core. With the knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll be well-equipped to go on to continued study and eventually help design software for the computers, airplanes, biotechnology devices and even spaceships of tomorrow.

Would you like to help drive the future of technology?

Key Personality Traits:

Courses of study

Major In Computer Science/Mathematics : 53 credit hours

Computer Science core plus:

CMSC 340 Theory of Computation
CMSC 460 Software Engineering
MATH 160 Calculus I: Differential Calculus
MATH 161 Calculus II: Integral Calculus
MATH 240 Foundations of Advanced Mathematics
MATH 260 Calculus III: Intermediate Calculus
MATH 322 Linear Algebra
MATH 371 Numerical Analysis

2 courses from:

MATH 261 Calculus IV: Multivariable Calculus
MATH 341 Modern Algebra
MATH 352 Elements of Geometry (should be selected ONLY by students seeking 5-12 Mathematics licensure)
MATH 361 Differential Equations
MATH 432 Probability and Mathematical Statistics I

2 courses from:

CMSC 330 Operating Systems
CMSC 350 Computer Design
CMSC 365 Principles of Programming Languages
CMSC 420 Principles of Compiler Design

Recommended support work:

CMSC 495 Internship

Major in Computer Science/Mathematics with teaching Licensure (5-12): 59 credit hours

The computer science/mathematics major may be used for secondary licensure in mathematics
subject to the following provisions:
1. The 2 elected MATH courses must be MATH 352 and MATH 432;
2. Students must also complete MATH 140;
3. All secondary education requirements, including SEDU 400 Reading Strategies for
Secondary Students and SEDU 421 Methods for Teaching Secondary Mathematics, and
education core.

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