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To be a successful visual designer, talent and passion are musts, but they aren’t all you’ll need. As a graphic design & visual communication student, you’ll develop your artistic abilities alongside your skills in corporate communication and media studies. You’ll learn both how to produce graphic art and apply it to a career.

As a graphic design & visual communication minor, you’ll develop skills in the subtleties of communicating ideas visually. Whether online, in print, on billboards or as logos, the art of graphic design is on display everywhere – and there is a need for people able to produce graphic art in almost every major industry.

Key Personality Traits:

Courses of study

Minor in Graphic Design & Visual Communication: 22 credit hours

GDES 223 Graphic Design Foundations
GDES 305 History of Graphic Design
GDES 349 Graphic Design
GDES 350 Typography
GDES 449 Advanced Graphic Design
Graphic Design and Visual Communication minors must earn a final grade of C or better in
required GDES courses (GDES 223, GDES 305, GDES 349, GDES 350, GDES 449).

6 credit hours from:

ART 201 Art Foundations I
ART 340 Printmaking: Intaglio
ART 341 Printmaking: Lithography
DIGI 101 Media Studio: Photo
DIGI 104 Media Studio: Web
DIGI 210 Media and Society
DIGI 300 Legal and Ethical Perspectives
DIGI 301 Advanced Digital Photography
DIGI 304 Multimedia Web Design
GDES 440 Illustration

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