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Library Mission Statement

The mission of the university library:

To provide information and support for members of the Buena Vista University community in their pursuit of excellence.

The library proactively nurtures the scholar through the development of skills that provide a framework for dealing with increasing amounts of information in a dynamic array of formats. At the forefront of library technology, the BVU Library provides access to and staffing in support of the student. The BVU library provides access and instruction to both the "virtual" and "real" collections, as well as instruction in the analysis and application of these resources.

The university library's physical facility is open over 90 hours per week for access to reference, instructional services, and study during the academic year. Buena Vista University Library promotes patron access through a dozen laptop computers "wired" to the network, and wireless access via the campus-wide remote network. Whether you're connecting to our web site from the main library, one of BVU's Graduate & Professional Studies locations or a remote spot on or off campus, you'll find online access to information available 24-hours-per-day, seven-days-per-week.

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Who is Responsible for...

  • Book selection/collection development - Jodie
  • Cataloging library materials - Joan or Margaret
  • Circulation of library materials - Florene or Kelly
  • Computing/network concerns - Alyssa
  • Conference Room and Group Study reservations - Juliann or Jodie
  • Seminar Room reservations - Jodie
  • Database instruction - Jodie, Jackie, Alyssa
  • Interlibrary Loan - Florene, Kelly, Jodie
  • Library instruction - Jodie or Jackie
  • Library service to Professional & Online sites - Jackie
  • Off-campus access to library databases - Jackie, Alyssa, Jodie
  • Purchase of library materials - Jodie
  • Reference / Research assistance - Jodie, Jackie, Alyssa
  • Reserves - Florene
  • Magazines and binding - Joan
  • Work-study scheduling and supervision - Florene or Kelly
  • Work-study pay or wages - Florene

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Library Phone Numbers

  • Jackie AlSaffar - 2089
  • Juliann Kraft - 2091
  • Circulation Desk - 2093
  • Joan Curbow - 2094
  • Reference Desk - 2095
  • Florene Cork - 2096
  • Jodie Morin - 2097
  • Kelly Olson - 2098
  • Conference Room - 2099
  • Library - Main Line - 2203
  • Library - Main Line - 2127
  • Fax - 2059
  • Fax - Acq. Office - 2033
  • Seminar Room - 1660
  • Group Study Rooms - 1859
  • Toll-free - 877-288-2240

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Main Floor

Circulation Desk - This service desk is the primary point of patron service. It is where books and other materials are loaned or checked out. It is also home to the Reserve collection. Change is available here.

Lost and Found - A lost and found box is located at the Circulation Desk, should patrons be looking to reclaim items.

Reserve collection - The Reserve collection is located behind the Circulation Desk (on the shelving underneath the Circ Office window) and includes high use materials that have been identified by faculty as being needed for a class.

DVDs - The DVDs are located near the Library Circulation Desk. The empty display cases are on the shelf. Exchange the empty display case for the DVD at the Circulation Desk when you check out. Students can check out DVDs for one week, faculty for two weeks.

Periodicals collection - The Periodicals collection includes the many magazines, scholarly journals, and newspapers to which our library subscribes. This collection can actually be found in two different locations:

  • Current Periodicals - newer issues (current months only) are kept in the southwest corner of the main level near the windows. The slanted shelves are hinged for storage of additional issues underneath.
  • Bound Periodicals (or Bound Journals) - older issues (generally anything published before the current year) are kept on the third floor of the library.

In both cases, Periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order by title. Current Periodicals circulate only to Faculty for 7 days, with Librarian approval. Bound Periodicals cannot be checked out by library users and must be used in the building only. Copiers and scanners are available for use.

Newspapers - The latest issues (the last couple weeks) of newspapers are adjacent to the Current Periodicals area. Older issues are on second floor along south wall. Typically, back issues of papers are kept about two months. Some older issues are available on microfiche or via the library databases. Click on the "Journals by Title" tab to see which titles are available.

Main Books - By far the largest collection in the library is the Main Books. They are arranged by call number beginning with the A's on the northwest corner of the main floor. Call numbers A-M are on the main floor extending back to the stairs. (Call numbers N-Z continue on the second floor.)

Special Collections room - Located in the northwest corner of the main floor is the Special Collections room. It houses the university's yearbooks, old records, and rare books. The Special Collections room is normally locked, but a staff member can open it upon request.

Group Studies 1-8 - These rooms (located on the sub-level) are available for small groups to work together. An individual using a room may be asked to move if a group is in need of the room. Groups should utilize these rooms if possible to avoid disturbing others. Reservation signs are posted if the room has been reserved for that day. A video/DVD monitor and a computer cart can be wheeled into any of the small group studies.

Balcony or Overlook - The balcony serves as a designated quiet area and noise should be kept to a minimum. The Library Balcony printer is located here.

Library Seminar Room (L-11)
This is the instruction room located on the south end of the main level of the library. Lots of library instruction sessions are held in this room as well as a variety of meetings. Reservation signs are posted if the room has been reserved for that day.

Library Conference Room (L-12)
This meeting room can be reserved by groups, but is primarily used by BVU staff and faculty for meetings.

Display Area - The library has 2 display areas. One area, displaying items related to a chosen theme, is located near the Reference Desk. The other area, located against the coffee shop wall, displays newly purchased materials. The library catalog will list their status as "display" or "new book shelf", respectively. These materials can be checked out to patrons.

Glass Wall Computers - A row of laptop computers lines the glass wall overlooking the Group Studies. These computers are primarily used by public patrons.

Reference Collection - The Reference Collection is located on the main level of the library near the Reference Desk. It includes information sources such as encyclopedias, almanacs, directories and dictionaries that are frequently used by Reference librarians in assisting library users. The labels on the end of stacks designate the Reference Collection. This collection circulates only to Faculty and Staff for 24 hours, with Librarian approval.

Reference Desk - The reference desk is staffed by a librarian from 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Send students here for assistance if you are unable to help them.

Staff Offices - The offices of two Reference Librarians and the Library Director look out onto the Reference collection. The Reference staff provides research assistance and library instruction to library users. If a reference librarian is not available, refer patrons to the Director for assistance.

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Second Floor

Main Books - This is a continuation of the Main Books collection from first floor, with call numbers N-Z.

Compact discs (CDs) - CDs are available in the beige file cabinets near the stairway on the second floor. They may be checked out for 14 days. Most are classical music, opera or jazz recordings.

Videos - can be checked out for 14 days. Entertainment-type videos are shelved in PN 1997. Educational videos are shelved by call number pertaining to the subject of the video (just like the books). All videos are listed in the library's catalog.

Video players - One TV/VCR unit and two TV/DVD units are located along the east wall on the second floor. You must check out headphones from the Circulation Desk in order to have audio. Remotes are included with the headphones.

Old Newspaper storage - on shelves in the southeast corner.

Curriculum Library - a collection of books and educational kits and games to be used primarily by education majors, but open to anybody. This collection is largely made up of children's books.

  • BigBooks - Some children's books are physically too large to fit on the regular Curriculum shelves. These books are instead laid flat on shelves located after the Z's in the Curriculum Collection. BigBooks are clearly marked as such in the library catalog, and on the spines of the BigBooks themselves.
  • Curriculum Reference - The Curriculum collection has its own Reference area. The call number designation for these items is CurRef.

Microfiche/film area - To save on space and to better preserve some materials, some titles have been converted to microfilm or microfiche. These materials include newspapers like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal on microfilm, and ERIC Documents on microfiche. A microform reader-printer is located nearby for use with these materials.

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Third Floor

Bound Periodicals - Bound Periodicals (or Bound Journals) are back issues of periodicals which have been sent to the bindery, covered with a binding, and relocated to the stacks. These Bound Periodicals resemble a book. The library's Bound Periodicals are located on the 3rd floor and are shelved alphabetically by title. Bound volumes cannot be checked out. Photocopiers are available (on main floor and 3rd floor) to make copies.

Technical Services - Three members of the library staff work in these offices. They do the behind-the-scenes activities that include ordering and processing books and keeping the computer system up and running.

Development Office / Advancement Office / President's Office - Located on the south and west sides of third floor (in the old Ballou Library building). While these offices are not part of the library operation, they are housed in the library and you may have inquiries about where to find them.

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Other Important Locations

Photocopiers: - There are two public photocopiers/scanners in the library: one on the main level near the Circulation Desk and the other on the third floor in the Bound Periodicals area. A photocopier for staff is also located in the Circulation Office.

Elevators - An elevator located in the northeast corner of the Main Floor of the library makes all floors available to our patrons. Level 1, Group Studies; Level 2, Main Floor; Level 3, Balcony; Level 4, Second Floor; Level 5, Emergency Ground Level Exit; Level 6, Third Floor.

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Call Number Shelving Chart (with prefix designations)

Main Floor

DVD Collection
Call numbers A - M (Main Books)
Reference collection (REF)
Current Periodicals collection
Current newspapers
Display area (On Display and New Book Shelf)
Special Collections

Second Floor

Call numbers N - Z (Main Books)
Videos (VHS)
CDs (Compact Disc Collection)
Curriculum (CURR)
Curriculum Reference (CurRef)
Microfiche and microfilm

Third Floor

Bound Periodicals collection

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