Matt makes a diving save

From his first day on campus, Matt’s coaches and professors never stopped supporting him in getting to the next level. And he always stepped up to the challenge.

The leadership skills and experience Matt gained have put him right out in front, from soccer player to captain of the team, from student to an education major, on track to be a teacher. At BVU, Matt learned he can go further and do more than he ever thought possible. And that’s right where he belongs.

My coach was straight up with me. He told me I could do great things at BVU — as a student and an athlete. I never thought of it that way before. I saw it as a challenge. I didn’t really know what it meant to be a leader, but as he gave me more chances to have a voice, I learned that I could actually have an impact.

Matt Tennyson

Inspired by an internship at a culturally diverse elementary school, Matt realized that education was where he could take it to the next level. Thanks to the help of his professor, Julie Finnern, he got on track to get the classes and experience needed to chart a winning future and to get a job right out of college teaching the next generation of leaders. “Julie was there to guide me and show me all the possibilities. Now we’re working together to start the career I want.”

“I learned that I could do more than I ever expected. After I graduate, my first job will be sharing that with my own students.”

BVU helped Matt realize how much he has to offer and how unstoppable a person can be when they’re supported by the right team.