Kiley writing by the lake

Kiley came to BVU inspired to become a writer. She wanted a career in journalism. An internship in New York City. She went to work on day one with the support and connections she got from her professors. From writing for her local paper and the Alternative Press in Cleveland, to an internship at xojane magazine in Manhattan, Kiley took huge steps towards her dream. When Time reprinted one of her articles, her voice was heard ‘round the world.

“My job was to put opportunity after opportunity in front of her,” says her mentor, Jamii Claiborne.

“Jamii’s attitude was always go,” says Kiley. “See more. Write more. Become a force in all forms of media. I even sent her my work from New York and we compared notes. I wanted to do big things and Jamii helped me make them real.”

At BVU I met people who took me seriously and believed in me, and I was given an internship right away. All my success started with my dream and professors who told me to go for it.

Kiley Wellendorf

Thanks to her experiences at BVU, Kiley learned what it takes to turn your passion into reality and in the process developed the confidence and the skills to write in her own, unique voice. But that’s just the beginning of the story. Up next? She’s graduating early and putting everything to work on telling heartfelt stories that give voice to real life heroes.