Horns Establish Women's Studies Endowment

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“I think my generation was the first that thought we could go out and accomplish anything we wanted to,” says BVU Trustee Laura Horn, Class of 1973. “Women a few years older thought they could be nurses or teachers or homemakers. When I graduated in 1973, I thought I could do anything.” 

Laura and her husband, Hasty, Class of 1971, have established an endowment fund to support the Women’s Studies Program. The fund will be used for academic applications that may include guest lecturers, research, faculty development, and travel.

The Horns chose to contribute to the Women’s Studies Program, in part, because of the breadth of impact it could have.

“Our goal was to make a fund that would empower faculty to do what they deem the right things to give students the best chance for success,” says Laura. “Plus, the Women’s Studies program at BVU involves almost every School.” 

The Horns are retired after long and distinguished careers. Hasty worked in engineering for the Yamaha Motor Corporation and as a consultant, and Laura worked in executive positions for LEXIS-NEXIS and AOL. He now builds race cars and competes in amateur-level races throughout the United States. She serves as a board member of Poetry Daily, a member of the University of Virginia Women’s Center Advisory Board, and as a middle school sex education teacher.