What is Impact?

IMPACT is a student-led, interdenominational, Christian organization designed to build and nurture community while offering opportunities to grow deeper in faith through worship, service, leadership, intentional reflection and study. A variety of spirituality retreats, service projects, Bible and book studies, as well as campus-wide special events are coordinated throughout the academic year. Through creating an environment for discussion and exploration, the relationship between faith and knowledge will hopefully unfold to create a better understanding of life's purpose and direction.

The Constitution for Impact- A Christian Organization for Campus Ministries

Article I: Mission

Impact is an interdenominational Christian organization designed to serve the students of Buena Vista University. As a Christian organization, the main purpose is to provide students with a fun, friendly environment where they can learn about Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with Him. Impact is not exclusive to Christians, but accepts everyone as long as they are respectful and open to hearing about the different things that make up the foundation of Christian faith. Besides learning about Chris, one of the purposes of our organization is to encourage becoming servants as illustrated in Matthew 20:26-28.

Article II: Structure

The organization is led by a student leadership team. The team is made up of several members who carry different roles. One important role is a president who keeps the different sections of Impact united together in their purpose and service of campus. Other members of the leadership team are more focused on each of their areas. These areas include Bible Studies, a weekly Impact gathering, girl and guy ministries, media and communications, and a student chapel coordinator.

Section 1: President
The president's main role is to unite the different focuses of the separate areas. In addition, the president must make decisions about things that concern the whole group such as group policy. An important role for the president that does not directly involve the actions of the group is to stay connected with the other leaders and be a support for them. This means being their friend outside of organizational business, taking interest in their life, and helping them to stay focused on Christ. When the leaders of a group are supported, encouraged, and given the help they need, then they can better serve the group and it thrives.

Section 2: Bible Studies
There are Bible studies geared towards men, women, and co-ed groups. The leader for this area communicates between Bible study leaders and organizes times and materials for each study. He or she also lines up a large group gathering for all of the Bible studies at the end of the semester, or more as needed. Also, the leader in charge of all the Bible studies is responsible for making sure the studies are grounded in the Bible and the leader of each individual study is foundationally solid to lead others in Christian growth.

Article IV: Advisor

Impact has a built-in advisor with the campus chaplain. However, it is beneficial to the organization to have a separate advisor in the faculty of the university. This advisor helps the student leaders plan events and provides another avenue of spiritual support and guidance.

Article V: Appointing Leaders

Leaders for the next school year will be appointed in the spring through an application and interview process with the current leadership team. Applicants should present a strong foundation in Christian beliefs and a willingness to serve others. New passions, creative ideas for previously untried events will be openly considered. In the case the leadership team sees a need for filling of a position earlier in the year, they may open up an application process at that time.

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