In the United States, on any given day...

  • Every 10 seconds a report of child abuse is made.
  • Every 15 seconds a woman is battered domestically.
  • Every 38 seconds a man is battered in the same way.
  • Every 2.5 minutes a child is sexually assaulted by someone they know.
  • Every 3 minutes an adult is sexually assaulted, also by someone they know.
  • Every 5 hours a child dies at the hands of someone they knew, trusted, and probably loved.
  • Every 7 hours a woman is murdered by her boyfriend or husband.

" Ms. Pamela Lassiter Cathey The numbers are dismal. But please don’t look away, because they are telling us something important: the time has come for us to do more than react to the effects of relationship violence.  The time has come for us to prevent the violence from happening in the first place.

It will take all of us, working together personally and professionally, to make this a reality. But it can, and must, be done; because every single day we are losing precious and irreplaceable human beings. "

Pamela Lassiter Cathey
Founder & CEO, IPRV

Voices of Hope

Voices of Hope IPRV's primary outreach initiative, Voices of Hope, is the world's first multi-sector, collaborative relationship violence prevention campaign.

The Voices of Hope Initiative (VOHI) is a three-year public awareness and activation campaign that begins in the fall of 2016 in California, expands nationwide the following year and then moves to a worldwide stage in 2018.

The message of the VOHI stems from the narratives in an anthology by the same name, building upon the powerful message of hope these stories contain while simultaneously teaching audiences practical skills for preventing relationship violence in their lives and relationships.

Warning Signs Mobile App

The initiative places a mobile application in the hands of those women and men who are most at risk of experiencing relationship violence: college and university students. This downloadable app allows an individual to quantitatively evaluate the risk for violence in any relationship by evaluating fourteen evidence-based risk factors. This revolutionary primary prevention tool prevents relationship violence in a proactive manner rather than respond to the violence reactively. The app, and corresponding education programs, is also available for employers to implement in corporate, non-profit, and governmental environments.

Community Outreach Performance

During the three year VOHI, IPRV has committed to licensing the script for a stage performance of Voices of Hope Breaking the Silence of Relationship Violence at no cost to any organization that commits to using the performance to raise funds for local victim service providers. This powerful play features the stories of women and men whose lives have been touched by relationship violence and arcs dramatically through descriptions of the emotional, physical and sexual violence these individuals experienced into inspiring accounts of how they found the courage to end the violence and heal in such a way that they have become the heroes of their own lives and stories. The play venue creates a powerful tool for community outreach and activation.

Voices Vow

Utilizing innovative mobile technology, the VOHI invites individual and group participation in the effort to eradicate relationship violence. This invitation is made through a mobile smartphone application that encourages participants in the Academy and the Performance to take an electronic vow to treat others with kindness and respect and to accept only such treatment in return. Those who take the vow have access to ongoing violence prevention education, referral networks for resources, opportunities for activism and involvement, and other resources provided by IPRV and VOHI strategic partners.

By providing multi-faceted outreach to the public through non-profit, academic, government, and business sector collaboration, VOHI does more than build awareness for the need for relationship violence prevention. It creates activated individuals and communities with share values, knowledge and resources. Such practical, inspired action moves us one step closer to that world where every child, woman and man is treated with kindness and respect, especially in their relationships.

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