Voices of Hope: Breaking the Silence of Relationship Violence

Voices of Hope As a prelude to the worldwide launch of Voices of Hope: Breaking the Silence of Relationship Violence, IPRV has released an early electronic version of the book to major vendors, including Amazon, Kindle and iBooks.

Hard copies of the book were released in fall 2016, in parallel with the U.S. launch of mobile apps featuring IPRV’s Kindness & Respect Vow and the Early Warning Signs.  

Back cover copy:

In this visionary and powerful work, Pamela Lassiter Cathey and Dr. Wind Goodfriend have combined the hopeful stories of women and men who have experienced domestic violence, dating violence, and child abuse with the theoretical constructs of narrative therapy and professional trauma advocacy to create a book that will change lives . . . Voices of Hope elegantly blends the personal with the political, the practical with the theoretical, the reality of where we are today with an optimistic view for the future.  The end result is a book that will ignite hope in those who have experienced violent relationships, in the friends and family who want to help, and in the professionals who offer support in working through the trauma.

“We may not always have a choice as to what we experience, but we always have a choice in regard to how those experiences shape who we are.”