Outlook Help Guide

Microsoft Outlook: Windows Client

The following guide will familiarize you with the layout and organization of the Windows client for Microsoft Outlook.

If you would like to download a copy of this website's information, feel free to download our Microsoft Outlook: Windows Client Guide (1.16 MB).

 To open Microsoft Outlook on your PC:

  1. Click the Start button and in the search bar, type “Outlook.”
  2. Click Microsoft Outlook 2010.


Navigation and Appearance

Navigating through Microsoft Outlook
Altering the Appearance of the Inbox


Creating and Sending a Message
Attaching a File to a Message
Using a Signature with E-mails
Changing the Priority Level of an Email

Saving Attachment(s)

Save One Attachment
Save Multiple Attachments
Save All Attachments
Deleting Attachments

Manage E-mails

Sorting and Grouping E-mails
Creating Sub-Folders
Emptying Deleted Items

Creating Signatures


Viewing the Calendar
Creating a New Meeting or Appointment
Tips for Making a New Meeting
Managing Meetings and Appointments



Out Of Office

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