ITS Projects and Initiatives

In July 2012, the executive leadership approved moving forward with several significant ITS initiatives designed to enhance technologies capabilities throughout the campus. These initiatives include:

  • Implementing a new administrative system (Jenzabar CX/JX) that will enhance services in the business office, student services, admissions, registration, and additional business operations. 
  • A new Cisco Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) unified communications system that includes replacement of all BVU phones and offers new voice-mail. This system enables small classroom video conferencing, which will be phased in the upcoming years.
  • Early Fall of 2013, all staff computers will be replaced with new machines, as detailed in the Staff Computer Replacement Project Plan. Faculty computer replacements are scheduled for Summer 2014. GPS sites and all other locations will be refreshed in the Summer of 2015.
  • Classroom technology will be upgraded every year in a sequence determined by the Educational Technology Support committee (ETS).
  • A new help desk ticketing system was implemented Spring of 2013 and supports the processing of incident resolution moving through 2FIX. This system also will serve as a central inventory for all BVU-owned equipment.
  • Replacing the learning management system (LMS), which currently is ANGEL LMS, with a new LMS.
  • Replace the assessment application (Focus) with a new system that better meets the needs for the BVU faculty.

Network infrastructure initiatives include:

  • Finalizing disaster recovery
  • Improving network security
  • Account management overhaul
  • Change management processes
  • Enhancing system monitoring
  • Annual bandwidth increases
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