Academic Discounts

If you are looking to buy additional Apple or HP products to support your learning environment, we wish to help you get the cheapest price possible through each company’s respective store. By following these steps, you should be able to receive an academic discount.


You can visit Apple’s online store at

  1. On the left navigation bar, look for the “Education Store” link.
  2. Towards the middle of the page, you should find a textbox asking for a school name, a city, a state, or a zip code. You can simply enter “Buena Vista” to find our discount. Make sure the Higher Education option is selected below this text box. After making sure your information is correct, hit the search button next to the text box.
  3. Buena Vista University should be one of the results you receive. Click on it, and then hit the “Shop For Yourself” button below it.
  4. Prices will be automatically adjusted upon adding items to your shopping cart.


You can visit Dell's online store at Make sure to use this URL to receive BVU Student discounts.


You can visit Lenovo's online store at

  1. Select "Iowa" as your state.
  2. Select "Buena Vista University" as your school.
  3. Submit your choices, then continue shopping. Your discounts will be automatically calculated upon adding items to your shopping cart.
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