Forwarding a Call Directly to Voice Mail

How to transfer a call directly to voice mail without ringing the recipient's phone first

  1. Let the caller know you are going to transfer them to an individual's voice mail box.
  2. Press Transfer.
  3. Dial 1400
  4. a) If the voice mail system says "[Name] Please enter your password," press * b) If instead of asking for a password the voice mail system says "Welcome to Avaya messaging. Please enter the mailbox number of the person you are calling," press
  5. You should hear "Please transfer the caller now. " Hang up to complete the transfer. The caller will then hear the individual's greeting. If you hear "Please hold for [Name] " then something didn't work correctly and if you hang up the call will be lost. In testing, the voice mail system dropped off the line right after saying "Please hold for [Name]" and I was back to having the caller on the line with me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 2fix.


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