Legacy Phones

While Buena Vista University is in the process of moving to a new phone system, Information Technology Services and 2Fix will continue support for our legacy phone, the Avaya 4620.

All Avaya phones are scheduled for retirement by the end of 2013. For information on when your department will receive new phones, please visit the Staff Replacement Schedule.

Place a Call 

To make a call, lift your phone’s receiver and dial the extension of your choice. You may dial out of BVU’s network by dialing 6 before the number (i.e. 6-1-800-555-5555).

You may also use the speaker or headset buttons for alternate audio sources. 

Voice Mail

Call 1400 to check your voicemail and enter your passcode when prompted. If you are not on campus, dial 712-749-1400 to get to the Avaya voicemail system. You will have to supply your extension and passcode.

Phone Guides

For all additional tasks, please refer to these self help guides.


Voice Mail

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