A purchase requisition is the basic document used for initiating the procurement of supplies, services, or equipment and may be obtained from the purchasing department or utilized through DPS, our electronic system for purchase orders, travel advances and budget changes. The form has been arranged to closely follow the layout of the purchase order. Office heads or authorized employees must prepare the requisition when initiating the procurement of supplies, services or equipment for amounts greater than $250.00. Faculty/staff must obtain the signature of their dean/department head before sending the requisition to the purchasing department. Center directors should send requisitions to the Storm Lake campus purchasing department.

The following items are excluded from this requirement:

Independent contractor
Registration fees
Airline tickets
One time payments
Auto repair
Talent fees
Membership dues
Public relations (not advertising)

Please make sure all information is accurate and that proper signatures and account codes are obtained. Use the account code which best describes the type of expenditure. If you are not sure which account to use, call the purchasing office or the business office.

Also, check your budget to see if you have sufficient funds to cover the expenditure. If you don't, a Budget Change Request, Form B114.0 (see attached) should be used to move funds from one of your other accounts. Funds from the following account codes are sacred and may not be transferred to other accounts. If you aren't sure, ask your vice president.

5510 - Executive/Managerial - Utilities accounts
5511 - Overtime - Insurance accounts
5800 - Staff Benefits - Work study accounts

The purchase requisition, as well as the Budget Change Request, must be signed by the office head/center director. When a budget change request is required, the forms should be sent to your Vice President or department head for approval. Purchases of $1500.00 or more require the signature of your vice president. Equipment purchases must come from your 7052 (equipment purchases under $1500.00) or your 7053 account (purchases over $1500.00). Repair parts are not considered equipment even though they may cost $500.00 or more. These expenses should come out of your 6700 account.

Purchase requisitions are sent to the purchasing department and Budget Change Requests and invoices are sent to the business office for processing.