Purchase Requisition

DPS Purchase Requisition Authoring in 20 Easy Steps

You cannot use a mouse. This is all text oriented. User arrow and enter keys.

  1. Click on POISE – this maybe an icon at the bottom of your screen or you can find it in applications.
  2. Type username and password
  3. At "$" sign, type DPS and hit enter.
  4. Arrow to "REQ" and hit enter
  5. When requisition entry screen comes up, hit "F8" key for menu options. Scroll to number 2, hit enter key.
  6. Request type is: "RR" for purchase requisition, "TR" for travel advance request or "BR" for budget change request.
  7. Type "RR" and hit enter
  8. Vendor: type first 4 letters of vendor name i.e. Iowa for Iowa Office Supply and hit enter. A list of vendors that begin with Iowa will appear. Arrow down to the vendor you want and hit enter key. If new vendor, type 11111 and add note with vendor information. Please include fax number.
  9. Leave vendor contact and vendor fax blank, hit enter each time.
  10. Date needs 6 digits (031002) for March 10, 2002, no dashes or slashes between, hit enter key.
  11. Leave message blank, hit enter key.
  12. Requested: type your name
  13. Ship to: type either your name or person you are ordering for, hit enter key.
  14. Building: type full name of your building i.e. Dixon Eilers, Fieldhouse, etc., hit enter key.
  15. Ship to city: type number "1" for Storm Lake, hit enter key.
  16. Via: can be mail, UPS, truck, etc. or leave blank, hit enter key.
  17. You are now ready to enter your requisition items. Press F7 key.
  18. Enter requested information and press enter key after each entry. Do not put dashes or spaces in account number. To display your account numbers, enter F9. Please give as much information as you can in the description line. Enter part numbers in the appropriate section, if you have them.
  19. If you are entering more than one item, press F7 key again to enter the next item.
  20. When you are finished entering all items, press F10 key to exit the system. Your request will automatically be sent to your approver and then to the purchasing department. At $ sign, type LO for log out.

Note: The menu/help key is F8. If you need additional information, refer to the detailed DPS handout. Help Desk: Tanya Landgraf, Purchasing Department
Phone: 749.2212