Demetrius Heard


Demetrius Heard

After moving from Chicago and graduating from Buena Vista University in May 2014, Demetrius found the perfect way to channel his passion for helping people by becoming an admissions counselor.

Demetrius knew he belonged at BVU when he made his first visit to campus during his senior year of high school. "Within the first ten minutes of the visit, I had my 'aha!' moment. I met some wonderful, upbeat, and friendly staff and students who welcomed me, and was really taken aback by the beautiful campus and its facilities. I began to picture myself here and almost immediately knew that it was the place for me"

As a digital media major, Demitrius was also a founding member of BVU's chapter of the Society of Collegiate Journalists, 2013 Homecoming King, first-place award-winner for his radio broadcasts, and a member of the football team, wrestling team, and BVU Theatre. Demetrius enjoys showing students how they can try a little bit of everything thanks to BVU's friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

"I think that students should come to BVU because no matter where they come from, they can try anything and will be welcomed with open arms to a campus full of friendly faces and people who truly care about them" Demetrius says that he looks forward to meaningful conversations with prospective students and watching them attend BVU.

In addition to telling his story, communicating through various mediums, and learning about others, Demetrius also enjoys Marvel Comics and watching movies.