School of Social Science, Philosophy & Religion


School of Social Science, Philosophy & Religion

“ opportunity to actively engage with history”

Mariana Ramirez, Class of 2015

Mariana Ramirez

Hometown: Schaller, Iowa
Majors: History
Research title: “The Man Worth His Weight in Gold: Sheridan's Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864”

“Being exposed to the research process is an important component of the history major because it provides us with an opportunity to actively engage with history outside the classroom. I was first introduced to this process during my sophomore year in a U.S. military history course with Dr. Bill Feis. Since then, I have come to see that the work, and at times, frustrations, that come with this endeavor, leaves us with a product that is entirely our own. Personally, I find few things to be more rewarding than that.”

“...true learning and deep understanding”

Stephanie Anders, Class of 2014

Stephanie Anders

Hometown: Marcus, Iowa
Majors: History, Psychology and Education
Title: Stereotype Threat, Math Anxiety, and Math Performance among Middle School-Aged Girls and Boys

“Research projects are an important component of learning because they allow students to delve deeply into a topic they are very interested in. To do research, you have to become totally conversant with a topic, which implies true learning and deep understanding have taken place. I learned so much not only about my research topic, but about the process of synthesizing and understanding information. The in-depth knowledge I have gained from my research will also be important to my future career in education.”

“...push myself to understand issues”

Brittany Miller, Class of 2011

Hometown: Carroll, Iowa
Majors: Social Work
Research title: “Risk Factors for Post-Partum Depression”

“Overall, this research project pushed me into my role as a social worker. Although I work with an entirely different population, I feel as though I am more investigative and push myself to understand issues from a multitude of perspectives. I really enjoyed the research project and I believe it helped me develop some of my initial skills as a practicing social worker.”