“...helped tremendously in my transition”

Zane Gernhart, Class of 2010

Zane Gernhart

Hometown: Fort Dodge, Iowa
Majors: Chemistry
Graduate School: Zane is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln

“At BVU, I was impressed by the many opportunities I had to apply what I learned in the classroom through independent research. The importance of actually doing science and not just learning about it cannot be overstated. My research experiences helped tremendously in my transition to graduate school.” 

“...foster my ambitions through close interactions with likeminded students and professors”

Eli Musselman, Class of 2007

Eli Musselman

Hometown: Ames, Iowa
Majors: Biology and Chemistry
Graduate School: University of Iowa, Master of Science in Biochemistry, 2010. Eli is currently working toward becoming a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Iowa.

“The faculty at BVU allowed me to foster my ambitions through close interactions with like-minded students and professors. Research has always been a passion of mine and BVU offered great opportunities to explore and perform research both in Storm Lake and through summer programs at large institutions. Not only did the classwork provide me with the knowledge and work ethic needed to succeed with graduate studies, but the class size allowed me to interact with faculty the same way as is done in graduate school. Being able to apply previously learned knowledge to new situations is a hallmark not only of a scientist, but also a physician.”